Poplar Chipboard

  • Chipboard Sheets

    Chipboard Sheets

    Chipboard sheet is a type of paperboard. It's formed using recycled paper that is then pressed and glued together to make a solid structure.Read More
  • Melamine Particle Board

    Melamine Particle Board

    melamine particle board is the particle board with melamine surface.Particle board is a type of manufactured wood.Read More
  • Poplar Chipboard with Melamine Face

    Poplar Chipboard with Melamine Face

    poplar chipboard with melamine face is usually called melamine chipboard or melamine particle board.poplar chipboard with melamine face is a melamine coated furniture chipboard .Read More
  • Poplar Particle Board

    Poplar Particle Board

    POPLAR PARTICLE BOARD is also called chipboard that made of poplar materials.Particle board is also called bagasse board.Read More
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