Plywood formwork

  • 18mm Plywood formwork

    18mm Plywood formwork

    18mm plywood formwork is the most used plywood formwork in the can also called it 18mm formwork plywood.18mm plywood formwork is the kind of plywood that can be used in include film faced plywood and pine plywood.Read More
  • Waterproof Formwork Plywood

    Waterproof Formwork Plywood

    waterproof formwork plywood is a kind of formwork plywood that have the feature waterproof.waterproof usually refers to the glue of the plywood.most of the formwork plywood supplies by chanta are waterproof.Read More
  • Plywood formwork for Concrete

    Plywood formwork for Concrete

    Plywood formwork for concrete includes wood plywood and bamboo plywood. Wood plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer plate material which is formed by cutting a wooden segment into a veneer or by cutting it into a thin wood and then bonding it with an adhesive.Read More
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