Introduction to the Parquet door
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Flower door is also called flat door, splint door, collage door. Door fan: Generally with wooden splint through the surface of the flower (painting) through the environmental protection plant paint and wood internal gluten composite, green environmental protection, floral diversity, modern sense.

Suitable for rooms, study rooms, especially suitable for children, teenagers in the room.

Door frame: Generally with 2CM to 3CM above the multi-layer board and solid wood combination, the external tracking of high-quality PVC film or polymer plate.

Lines: generally with high-quality wood-plastic extrusion, easy to install, no nail mouth.

After installation, the overall appearance of the effect is significant.

Flower door, generally used indoors, so it is also called parquet indoor door;

Parquet door, because the surface splint flat smooth, easy to clean.

Parquet door is not true wood door strong, slightly larger children can also "break out", therefore, in special cases, parquet door as children, elderly room indoor door is the safest, most let family rest assured door. The craft of parquet door is the surface parquet (painting) over the environmental protection plant paint, thus can play the user's artistic creativity, creates belongs to own exquisite room door.