Types of plywood
- Nov 19, 2018 -

In order to make full and reasonable use of forest resources to develop plywood production, to achieve the best use of materials, China's new national standards (draft approval) according to the use of gluing, plywood into the coating plywood (for the surface needs to paint transparent coating furniture, sewing machine board and a variety of electrical shell products), decoration plywood (

Used as decoration materials for buildings, furniture, vehicles and ships), generally plywood (suitable for packaging, lining and other purposes) and thin wood decorative plywood (used as high-grade decorative materials for buildings, furniture, vehicles, ships, etc.), plywood types according to the gluing strength are divided into: (1) Class I (NQF)-weather-resistant, boiling water resistant plywood.

This type

Plywood has the properties of durability, boiling resistance or steam treatment, and can be used outdoors.

(2) Ⅱ class (Ns)-water-resistant plywood.

It can withstand cold or short-term hot water impregnation, but is not resistant to boiling. (3) Ⅲ class (NC)-moisture-resistant plywood.