What is parquet flooring
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Nowadays, a kind of wooden skin stitching with different colors and tree species, presenting on wood or concrete or abstract patterns, a very decorative parquet flooring has become the mainstream of the wood flooring market, relying on the changing colorful colors, meticulously crafted technology, personality fashion design, quietly changing the floor once gave people the impression of the dull, indifferent,

On the popular runway, blooming in a whole new posture-parquet flooring. Flooring is no less important than any other decoration in the room, now the parquet flooring is mostly made of multi-layer solid wood flooring, while using different kinds of wood color and texture of different, stitching out the changeable shape and pattern, so as to achieve different decorative effects. Some patterns even require more than 20 different kinds of wood for stitching, the process is very complex. In the parquet, all the use of all-hand collage, to ensure that every inch is natural, beautiful. Because many different types of wood are used in jacquard flowers, they have different characteristics and properties, so it is necessary to use a wealth of wood experience to make them match each other, apt.