Future Prospect Of OSB Board
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Formaldehyde free release advantage is accepted by the market as the most promising wood-based panel board species in the future,  "Osb" has a broad space for use and development. The market is looking at the advantages of formaldehyde free release, which can be used mainly for: flooring, walls and roofs, work beams, structural isolation panels, boxes, goods tray and storage boxes, commodity shelves, industrial desktops, wide-leaf flooring cores, air-retaining panels and guardrails, decorative wall panels, prefabricated field concrete molding, container flooring, bowling trails and so on. After processing, replace joinery board, plywood, Guean, building template, fire Board, decorative board and medium density fiberboard. A lining plate between a solid wood floor and a keel, or a substrate made of composite wood flooring. The structure board of the furniture kitchenware. Housing building lining panels, indoor panels, insulation panels, sound-absorbing panels, ceilings, wall panels. Construction of retaining panels, trench templates, pads and so on.

After the  "osb" surface affixed to single-sided, can be used for furniture manufacturing of the vegetarian board, drawer bottom plate, boxes, boxes, cabinet partitions, floor panels, bed boards and so on.