How To Buy Building Plywood
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1. See Type

For the purchase of such products, first of all to look at the type, generally speaking, its layer is the base number, of course, occasionally there are even numbers, so in the selection, can be judged by the number of layers of products, in addition to the commonly used building plywood types have plywood, Guean and so on, plywood can improve wood utilization rate, is a major way to

2. Look at the types 

Different environmental factors constitute the product is a difference, for the bedroom decoration, it is best to choose precious wood products planing thin wood veneer plywood, and to comply with GB50222 "building interior decoration Design Fire Code" provisions,

In addition, for the hidden parts of the possible damp and high waterproofing requirements should be considered to choose Ⅰ or Ⅱ type of building plywood, outdoor use of building plywood should be selected Ⅰ plywood.

3. Look at the material 

Generally speaking, the surface of such products will have a layer of transparent varnish, mainly in order to preserve the natural color and texture of wood products, so in the selection, to focus on the panel material, pattern and color, if not considered the pattern and color of the panel, should also be based on the environment and cost reasonable selection of plywood grade, category.

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