How To Distinguish The Quality Of Plywood
- Nov 19, 2018 -

As a daily use of the product plywood use is relatively common. When we buy, we need to have a certain screening ability to choose the right product for their own, then the quality of plywood how to judge it.

Today we'll just get together and talk about the selection and use of plywood plates. Plywood is an artificial plate, the selection of plates and the choice of adhesives is crucial. So we learned that the product needs to be understood from a more recent aspect. First of all, to smell whether the product has irritating smell, plywood as a kind of artificial plate smell is certain, but if the taste is very pungent can not be taken. We must make the necessary choices. The difference is that the product needs to know a lot of things. If the taste is more pungent, then the product may use a more shoddy adhesive.

It's best not to choose such plywood.